Visions & Missions 公会宗旨

Visions 愿景

  • Adhering to the spirit of “hardworking, innovative” fruit farmers, we persist in eliminating the difficulties and making the Malaysian fruit industry bigger and stronger.

Missions 使命

  • Promote the spirit of unity, goodwill and mutual help among members; promote the exchange of experience and technology among peers, and improve the quality and quantity of products.
  • Maintain the reasonable price of agricultural products and the competitiveness of the international market.
  • As a bridge of communication between the government and the people, the problems and difficulties faced by the peasants are conveyed to the government.
  • Organize agricultural-related lectures, seminars and various training courses to enhance member-related agricultural knowledge, provide new agricultural information and advanced technology for members to learn and reference, to enhance member market competitiveness.