Chairman Message 主席致词

I would like to take an opportunity to pay tribute to all the farmers, thank the farmers for their efforts over the years, and continue to work quietly all the way, although I don’t know if tomorrow is the same weather, I don’t know if there will be any harvest tomorrow. But along the way, I still clenched my teeth and contributed to the people’s three meals and increased income for the country.

It is not easy to cultivate farmers. Nowadays, young people are not willing to farm farmers, because farmers are not only suffering from hardships, but also suffer from losses. The price of agricultural products is not the same; fertilizers, pesticides, land rents, etc. The higher the land is, the more difficult it is to find; the serious shortage of labor leads to delays in harvesting. The big loss has always been that the farmers are neglected by the government. The farmers are looking for land themselves, no funds, no subsidies. Without technical support, tens of thousands of fruit farmers are relying on their own. Today, the establishment of the KOPBBS, a guild newborn born in the unanimous passage of the guild. The goal is to promote local fruit to every corner of Malaysia and to expand overseas markets with fruit farmers.

According to the Malaysian statistics report, in 2013 fruit exports amounted to 676 million, while fruit imports reached RM1.55 billion! It shows that we still rely heavily on imported fruit. If we increase our planting area and increase fruit production, we can at least have more than one billion foreign exchange losses. We call on all members to work with Selangor and the state government to make good use of the long-lost agricultural land and fully implement the plan of the Selangor Fruit Valley.

We are also planning to establish the Fruit Hub in Selangor in the future. This plan will become a national agricultural product collection center, taking advantage of the geographical and route advantages, facilitating the import and export of fruit and reducing transportation costs. The project covers an area of ​​30 acres and includes a product collection center, packaging, processing, and development of fruit downstream industrial and technical services. The investment amount is RM90 million, which will promote the fine fruits of our country to the whole world.

I hope that in the days to come, through the cooperatives, our fruit farmers’ lives can be guaranteed. Thank you!

Mr. Wong Yoong Bing
Chairman of KOPBBS




我们也在策划未来在雪兰莪建立热带水果产品中心(Fruit Hub)。这项计划要成为全国的农产品收集中心,借这里的地理和路线的优势,方便进出口水果以及减少运输成本。项目面积达30英亩,里面包括产品收集中心,包装,加工,开发水果下游工业和技术服务。投资额达马币9千万,将我国的优良果实,推广到全世界。